Auto-Illustrator Built for Mac OS X, Made with REALBasic
Macintosh classic OS 8/OS 9
Macintosh carbon OS 9/OS X
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Signwave Auto-Illustrator is an experimental, semi-autonomous, generative software artwork and a fully functional vector graphic design application to sit alongside your existing professional graphic design utilities.

Use it to explore a wide range of generative and procedural techniques in the production of your own graphic designs. Discover how easy it is to produce complex designs in an exciting and challenging environment that questions how contemporary software should behave.

Download a demo version using the links above. You will need one of the operating systems above, a fast processor (G3/G4 Macintosh 300MHz, Windows 600MHz), atleast 64MB RAM and a full install of QuickTime 4 or higher. Requires Mac OS 8.6 or higher, built for Mac OS X.

To unlock all the functionality of the software, you need to purchase a single user license.

whats new?
  April Fool's day, 2003
We've released Auto-Illustrator 1.2! This upgrade is free for all registered users and brings loads of great improvements and features.



Take a look at the feature list for more reasons why you should download and upgrade to Auto-Illustrator 1.2 immediately.

support options

Unable to accept the license agreement?
Boxed set owners who are using Windows should check out this support note about a problem with the original Windows version of Auto-Illustrator 1.1.

Latest developments, technical support, extra plug-ins and further information is available in our support section.


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